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What does “futtetennismo” mean?! Some time ago I was reading a book written by Bud Spencer titled Mangio Ergo Sum where among other things he describes the philosophy and principles he followed for his entire life. That can be summarised into one simple word: “futtetenne”. The word is Napoli’s dialect and can be loosely translated as “not giving a damn”. It might seem quite shallow and silly at the beginning but he goes on explaining what that means and it turns out to be quite the contrary. The gist of it - as I understood it - is: focus on the things that really matter in life and don’t waste resources - be it time, energy, money etc. - with all the other unimportant things.

Taking that motto as an inspiration, “futtetennismo” is my try to talk about things that I really enjoy in my life, be it tech, learning, music, books or anything else that excites me right now. Also I hope to be able to connect to other people so if you enjoy what you read, you want to share your thoughts with me or give me feedback please feel free to get in touch!


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